Tomas Bragesjös Ruy Lopez games


Since 2011 I play the white side in either Ruy Lopez or the Berlin variation of Ruy Lopez with Nc3 aka Spanish Four Knights.

Spanish Four Knights is a universal system that can be reached via Ruy Lopez Berlin, Three Knights game, Vienna Game, Nimzovich defence, Petroff Defence and Alekhine defence. My statistics vs a local FIDE Master who is an Alekhine expert increased much when I got him out of hes pet defence by playing 2 Nc3.

I have also Scotch Four Knights in my repertour as well but I have never tried it in Correspondence Chess or in any serious game yet. There are a few lines where Scotch Four Knights can transpose to Spanish Four Knights positions that can also be reached via Ruy Lopez.

In thematical tournaments at ICCF

I played the Berlin variation of Ruy Lopez with Nc3 aka Spanish Four Knights in all of my white games in five Petroff tournaments at ICCF, including in one final tournament. I have also played it in team matches for Team Sweden as well as in over the board team matches for local club. I have also played it in normal tournaments, both over the board and at ICCF.

Start yearEventPointsResult
2016WSTT/RD/019 - Russian Defence, C424,5/8: +2 =5 -13rd place .
2017WSTT/RD/022 - Russian Defence, C426/8: +4 =4 -01st place .
2017WSTT/RD/023 - Russian Defence, C425,5/8: +3 =5 -02nd place .
2018WSTT/RD/28 - Russian Defence, C424,5/8: +2 =5 -13rd place .
2018WSTT/RD/Final 05 - Russian Defence, C422,5/5: +0 =5 -0I have 3 games left in this 8 game tournament .
2019WSTT/RD/ ?? - Russian Defence, C420/0: +0 =0 -0Starts when filled. 8 game tournament .
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