Tomas Bragesjös Nimzo and Bogo Indian games


I have been playing Nimzo Indian + Bogo Indian combo since 2010 and this is my favorite opening with both sides. The Nimzo Indian is also a very forgiving opening, one mover order mistake in the opening generally does not leed more trouble than a slightly worse position.

However d-pawn specials are more common to meet than both Nimzo Indian and Bogo Indian together. Due to that I play lines with black that cuts down the workload while still being active and solid. In Correspondence Chess I have played Bogo Indian in several games but no one has allow Nimzo Indian yet.

My contibutions to theory

While I have not played or posted any new moves, in 2012 I asked GM John Emms to make an update on Nimzo 4 Qc2 Nc6 variation at subscription section and so he did and thanked me for my thoughts and a timely reminder and that monts sections update only covered that variation! The update in turn inspired the later book "Opening Repertoire: Nimzo and Bogo Indian" by Christof Sielecki. I have also made som experiments in Nimzo 4 Qc2 Nc6 5 Nf3 that I castle at once instead of playing the book move 5 .. d6. I am also one of few players who regulary plays 4 .. Nc6 vs 4 Nf3 Nimzo where white has nothing better than 5 Qc2 transposing to 4 Qc2 Nc6 Nimzo.

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